Commissioned Piece 2018

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Could I Sing With Angels
by Michael Finnissy 


Theo Rockas (student of Marcia Eckert) will premiere
“Could I sing with angels” by Michael Finnissy. 
ALTERNATE: Jacqueline Ramirez (student of Nathaniel LaNasa).

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Michael Finnissy was born in London in 1946.

He was awarded a Foundation Scholarship to study at the Royal College of Music, where his principal mentors were Bernard Stevens and Humphrey Searle. He also studied in Italy. He has worked with theatre (vocal and dance) and with non-professional musicians, in addition to a vast array of soloists and orchestras worldwide. His work is recorded on Métier-Divine Art CD, NMC CD, and other labels, and published by Verlag Neue Musik GmbH in Berlin, by Oxford University Press, Universal Edition, and United Music Publishing. He was president of the International Society for Contemporary Music from 1990 – 1996, and is currently Chair and Professor of Composition at the University of Southampton, he has a fellowship of the RCM (London) and is a member of St. John’s College, Cambridge.

As a pianist he has given more than 300 world premières, and broadcast worldwide, he has particularly concentrated on new music by British composers, but also Feldman, Cage and Xenakis.

Participants must be students of PTC Members.

Participants will perform the commissioned piece along with one (or more) other piece(s) of the participant’s choice for the 20th/21st Century Music Festival on Sunday, February 11, 2018.
Memorization is not required.
Students can be any age  (18 and under) as long as they can perform the piece at the tempo indicated with good preparation.

Everyone will receive a certificate of recognition for performing the commissioned work.

Deserving students will be invited to audition for the Honors Program free of charge (April 21-22).
One student will be chosen to perform in the Winners’ Recital at Weill Hall at Carnegie Hall (all rules and regulations apply).

Commissioned Piece 2018
This year’s commissioned work consists of two short pieces at slightly different levels of difficulty. They may be played independently or together. Accordingly, participants of the 20th/21st Century Festival may choose to perform:

The first piece alone
The second piece alone
Both pieces together as a unit

Participants’ choices will not affect decisions on invitations to the Honors Program. Performances will be judged solely on the basis of their quality, not on considerations of difficulty or length.
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